As part of Mayor Bowser’s goal to make DC the safest big city in America, the District will host the “District of Columbia 2015 Full Scale Exercise” on Thursday, December 10, 2015. Several District agencies will participate in the exercise, which will simulate a hazardous materials event, to assess the District’s emergency response capabilities. The exercise will be conducted at multiple locations throughout the city and will focus on first responder, emergency operations center, and shelter operations. A key to making this exercise a success is the availability of individuals willing to act as volunteer role players and victims on the day of the exercise. These “actors” will portray individuals impacted by a simulated incident, such as a hazardous material spill, and will be placed into one of three categories: • Actors portraying injured individuals that need life saving treatment from first responders, • Actors portraying individuals contaminated by a simulated chemical spill and need to be decontaminated by first responders (dry decontamination, no water will be used), and • Actors portraying displaced personnel and need to seek refuge at a shelter. No experience required! All volunteer role players must be 18 years of age or older. For more information regarding the exercise and to register as a role player, please visit the following link: For difficulties accessing the link and/or reasonable accommodations in support of registration please contact Kasey Parr at 703-518-9982 or Registering as a role player does not guarantee selection for participation in the exercise; all participants must successfully pass a background check and complete a DC HSEMA participant waiver form. Providing your date of birth is a requirement for the background check.