SWAT Exercise: Need for Volunteers

The 2017 NCR SWAT FSE, which is scheduled for April 26, 2017, is one (1) of two (2) exercises in the 2016-2017 NCR SWAT Exercise Series focused on exercising the NCR Coordinated Tactical Response Plan. Six (6) venues will host and support exercise play. Multiple SWAT teams will stage at and respond to a simulated complex coordinated attack at each of the six (6) different host venues. 

All volunteers must be 18 years of age in order to participate in the exercise. Volunteers will be expected to act out the part of a victim to a terrorist attack at a location to be determined by your preference in this registration and the need for volunteers at each location. Refreshments will be provided to volunteers at all locations. Emergency responders and other entities will test their ability to respond to and manage the scenario at each location. All volunteers will be given a safety briefing prior to the start of the exercise and instructed to follow all first responder commands.  Prior to the exercise, you will receive an email with a location assignment and other logistical information pertinent to that location. You must bring a government issued ID to your assigned location in order to participate in the exercise. 

For more information regarding the exercise and to register as a role player, please visit the following link: https://ncrswatvolunteerreg.eventbrite.com

Special Thanks to Ray and Sharon Wingo

On February 15, 2017, Ray and Sharon Wingo were recognized at the monthly Anne Arundel County – Annapolis (AAA) Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) monthly training session for outstanding service to the team and broader community. For years, Ray and Sharon have been teaching the importance of fire safety, preparedness, and suppression for CERT and the local community members. At every CERT Basic class, they pull up the mobile unit and demonstrate first-hand how to suppress small fires.

At the conclusion of the February training session, which happened to be pertaining to fire safety, Mr. Paul Bowling, AAA CERT President, presented Ray and Sharon with a plaque and card.