Traffic and Crowd Management Class

This class will serve to provide CERT members with the skills needed to manage traffic and crowds in planned and emergency situations.

Participants will learn CERT Basic Training Concepts That Apply to Traffic and Crowd Management, Communicating Effectively, Crowd Management, Traffic Management

Training Objectives:

  • Identify possible CERT roles in traffic and crowd management
  • Explain CERT Basic Training concepts that apply to traffic and crowd management
  • Demonstrate standard hand signals for directing traffic and crowds
  • Describe skills for effective verbal communication with the public
  • Explain how to use radios and verbal communication skills to communicate with team members and chain of command
  • Recognize and respond to various types of crowd behavior
  • Identify safety concerns for managing crowds
  • Develop basic crowd management plan for an emergency situation
  • Demonstrate correct use of traffic control devices
  • Recognize safety concerns for managing traffic

Requirements: Basic CERT Training, Completed Anne Arundel County Background, CERT vest, CERT hardhat, and applicable clothing for the weather conditions.

Students will partake in classroom and practical training. The practical training will take place outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

Reserve Officer (RO) E. M. Vazquez of the Anne Arundel County Police Department, Reserve Officer Unit, Western Platoon will provide instruction for the class.



Questions may be sent to:

Class size is limited to 15 maximum.