Annapolis City July 4th Parade

Members of AAACERT march with other participants in the City of Annapolis’ July 4th parade.

This year not only was Anne Arundel Annapolis Community Emergency Response Team (AAACERT) honored to be parade marshals for the City of Annapolis’ July 4th parade, but we also marched along with all the other great participants. This was the first parade where AAACERT had a group march within the parade.

Parade marshal is one of many unique skills you can train in if you are a member of AAACERT. The responsibilities are numerous including performing safety checks for all vehicles registered in the parade; knowing each of the rules and safety guidelines, many of which are unique to the location and sponsor city; and walking along with the parade and your assigned group keeping a watchful eye out for any issues or safety concerns that may impact the parade or the people watching. It’s a long day but very fulfilling not to mention fun as you walk the path with the parade.

Interested in know what else you can do as a member of AAACERT? Check out our website for more information and links to our social media sites.

AAACERT parade marshals gather for the early morning briefing. The parade may start at 1030, but the parade marshals must be ready to start lining up participates a few hours before that.
AAACERT parade marshals are briefed on parade guidelines, receive their first aid gear, and team up before they begin lining up and checking parade participants and their vehicles.
An original WWII Jeep Willy is staged for the parade. The vehicle’s safety systems have been checked and a AAACERT parade marshal has briefed the driver on safety guidelines for the parade.
A look back towards the end of the parade as thousands of people line the streets watching the festivities. Parade marshals must constantly scan the street for people trying to run across to the other side.
A look up towards the front of the parade. Parade marshals must constantly scan the sidewalks for people attempting to run out and pick up a souvenir a parade participant may have dropped. This is one of the most dangerous things that can happen during a parade.