CERT Basic Training Class, June 2018

Instructor John Schirrippa teaching Basic CERT module one.

AAACERT Late Spring Basic CERT underway at the Anne Arundel Fire Department (AAFD) Academy in Millersville. This is the second of three class that will be held in 2018. Basic CERT classes are approximately 21 hours and students learn the essentials of emergency preparedness to assist in disasters and emergencies.

Basic CERT class members are being instructed by members of Bowie VFD, Mobile Learning Lab to use a fire extinguisher.

Learning about fire and how to extinguish small fires is part of the Basic CERT class. Bowie VFD graciously taught class members using their Mobile Learning Lab. The mobile lab allows trainees to train using environmentally safe materials. The simulator uses propane to create the fire. Water is sprayed into a specially designed fire container and when properly applied the fire is extinguished. AAACERT would like to acknowledge the assistance provided by Bowie VFD and voice our appreciation.

Instructor Pablo Gonzalez teaching MedOps to Basic CERT class 2018-02.

Medical emergencies and injuries occur during disasters and CERT members have to be prepared. Instructor Pablo Gonzalez teaches CERT students how to perform triage and treat the injured. This is one of the sections of the class encompassing two modules and having 5.5 hours dedicated to the topic.

AAACERT Basic CERT Class, 2018-02, Instructor Bruce Morgenstern teaching carrying techniques during the Search module.

Following Medical Operations, Instructor Bruce Morgenstern teaches the students how to move patients during the Search module. Students also learn how to conduct basic searches and to mark buildings after being searched.




If you are interested in taking a Basic CERT class or interested in becoming a member of AAACERT, you may use the Contact Us form.