2024 St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Tom Cagle (black shirt) lead city parade marshal surrounded by 11 AAACERT members.

One of the more active list of events AAACERT members support are the many parades in the City of Annapolis. On Sunday, March 17, 11 AAACERT members served as City Parade Marshals for the annual Annapolis St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

As City Parade Marshals, AAACERT members serve as the city’s eyes and ears, helping authorities to keep the event safe by ensuring crowds stay clear of the parade elements, and participants engage safely. Not content to be mere safety spotters, many AAACERT members also sported first aid kits, standing ready to step in with immediate assistance if needed.

Parades serve as excellent opportunities for AAACERT members to practice their crowd management, emergency communication, and incident response training. AAACERT is the only volunteer group that is certified by the City of Annapolis to work as parade marshals.