Officers, Committees and Team Leaders

President: Paul Bowling – EMail
Vice President: Bruce Morgenstern – Email
Secretary: Rick Cooper – Email
Treasurer:  Don Stump  – Email
CERT Coordinator: Amy Bleich – Email

Audit: – Annual Temporary Committee
Development: – Vacant – Email
Communications (PIO): Scott Bruther – EMail
ITAdmin: Erick Graves – Email
Logistics: Vacant  – EMail
Membership: Bruce Morgenstern – Email
Training:  John Schirrippa – Email

Area Team Leaders:
Northern:   Email
Eastern:     Zack Waters – EMail
Southern:   Amy Bleich – Email
Western:  Scott Bruther  Email

Team Members names are not published nor available to the public for security and privacy reasons. If you are requesting information concerning a particular team member send a signed release to the Membership Chairperson. Once the release and signature are verified requested information will be provided to you.